Shane Mac


Shane Mac is the CEO & co-founder of Assist. He’s obsessed with language, empathy, leadership and how we weave them together to help people get what they want and need from the world. At Assist, he’s part of a team that’s doing this through chatbots and related technology that help people get brands to work on their behalf.

He’s a serial tech entrepreneur, but please don’t hold that against him. Shane helped build Gist, which was later sold to Blackberry, worked at Cobalt Group, which was acquired by ADP and founded Hello There, a new way to introduce yourself through video.

He wrote a book about the ways you can cut through careerist “conventional wisdom” crap and get serious about making a difference. He wrote the book inside the creative challenge of a SF-Seattle round trip train ride. These days, he drinks a lot less coffee, but is just as wound up about tweaking business norms.

He has been interviewed and featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Reuters and The U.S.A. Today.

Shane’s prior speaking experience includes SXSW, Big Omaha, VOICE 2018, Alexa SUMMIT, Business of Bots, Web Summit. His prior SXSW panels included "How to be human as a brand in 2030" and "The future of Chatbots" with Facebook.

He blogs (a bit) and created the Machine Yearning podcast, which provides listeners with a front row seat to the ethics, impact and business of AI, machine learning, conversational commerce and the talking internet.

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