Richard H Miller, Ph.D.

Oracle Corporation

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience in software design, development, usability, and systems engineering. His mainstay is leading design teams of up to 50 people in major projects from inception to delivery. He shares expertise by developing software-training courses, presenting and leading workshops about usability, UX design practices, multimedia and Internet security. Richard spent many years developing key Oracle Support products that continue to assist hundreds of thousands of Oracle customers and more than 20,000 agents. Now, he’s concentrating his expertise in the emerging space of conversational design for the Enterprise. Conversational design presents complex challenges in design and engineering on a daily basis.  The technology is new and still being explored – both socially and technologically – even as we’re building products around it. As the technology matures, customers come to expect more and more intelligent bots – they’ll rely on assistive technology that helps them solve problems and carry out tasks with ever less effort on their part. Richard knows that as designer and development learn how to do this well, bots will deliver on that promise. His task is to create a robust, integrated and intuitive conversational design system for Oracle.


Richard H Miller, Ph.D.'s Session:

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