Mackensie Liberman

Orca Marketology

Mackensie Liberman is the Founder and CEO of Orca Marketology, a chatbot marketing agency focused on getting businesses leads, sales, and raving fans through Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots.

Before entering the world of digital marketing, Mackensie was a clinically certified Cytogeneticist for over a decade analyzing chromosomes for abnormalities.  She knew she could have a greater impact on the world outside of the laboratory and found her passion in Messenger Marketing with its perfect mix of tech and science.

Mackensie is one of the top experts in the field of Messenger Bots utilizing the ManyChat platform and has worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of niches, from brick and mortar stores to multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses.  She has also been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, spoke on numerous stages about bots, including at Digital Marketer’s WarRoom Mastermind and ManyChat’s Conversations Conference, and has helped thousands of others learn how to create Messenger Bots for themselves and/or their clients.

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