Jenni McKienzie

Principal, Conversation Design
Banter Technology

Jenni has been creating voice user interfaces since 2000 and is currently Principal, Conversation Design at Banter Technology.  She has been involved in all aspects of projects from requirements to design, usability testing, tuning, and ongoing evaluation and improvement of systems in production.  Jenni’s designs have improved customer conversations for dozens of organizations in variety of business domains. Since 2016, Jenni has been designing conversations for smart speakers, cars, and robots. She was a founding Board Member of the Association of Voice Interaction Design(AVIxD) and spearheaded the creation of AVIxD’s VUI design guidelines.


Jenni McKienzie's Session:

3:40 pm–4:40 pm
Best Practices in Conversation Design

10:00 am–1:00 pm
Designing Great Conversations for the Smart Speaker Ecosystem

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