We know you need to prove the ROI on your attendance,
so we’ve done that work for you.
Here’s how you’ll benefit from attending Business of Bots.

Business of Bots will give you an understanding of where AI powered bots fit into your business strategy.

To get leadership on board, executives need to see the value of chat and voicebots and how they can add value as part of your overall strategy, whether in Marketing, Branding, Sales, Social & Digital, Innovation or Customer Service.

You’ll benefit from dedicated sessions about: Chatbot Design, Business Cases for Bots,

You’ll learn effective ways to measure and evaluate your strategies to make sure you’re optimizing time, resources and budget.

Get beyond the hype, learn what works and what doesn’t - you’ll finish with tools and ideas that you can implement as soon as you get back to the office.

There has been a lot of hype around chat and voice bots since they entered popular culture approximately 12 months ago. We’ve spent countless hours researching with industry experts in the technology space, as well as brands who have taken the plunge and implemented bots for Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and Internal Communications.

Our presenters aren’t here to sell products, but instead give candid accounts of the detailed methods and processes that achieved results, and some of the difficult lessons learned along the way when implementing chat and voice bots into their businesses and brands.

We’ve spent countless hours of research finding you the widest range of case studies from leading brands who have implemented bots in their organizations. You’ll hear directly from those involved who will give step by step guides on the types of bots they implemented, why they chose them, who they partnered with, what they learned and how you can use these techniques to add value to your organization.

You’ll get to meet (and chat with) face to face with senior leaders in messaging and voice bots from across the globe.

Your voice won’t get lost in a crowd of thousands of low level attendees, instead you’ll be surrounded by the movers and shakers when it comes to bots in Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, User Experience and other applications of AI tech in business and government. Our interactive and intimate conference atmosphere gives you the opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered after each talk. Some of the conference’s best conversations are sparked during Q&A sessions.

Our speakers also make themselves available to you to provide resources and give feedback - during and after the conference.

We guarantee you’ll make meaningful connections.

We know the networking is just as important as the learning. Our focus on connecting attendees has helped forge new friendships and business relationships alike! You receive a full attendee list so you know exactly who’s in the room with you.

If there’s someone you’d like to meet, but can’t find, our staff is here to help make an introduction.

We make reporting back to your team easy.

We want you to spend your time at the event listening and engaging, not feverishly taking notes.

You’ll have exclusive access to all event videos and slides after the conference is over - to revisit slides you missed, and make it easy for you to share key insights with your team.

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