Seth Greenfield

Co-Founder & CEO

Seth Greenfield is a Co-Founder and CEO of imperson. imperson develops, hosts, and manages premium enterprise chatbots for sales and marketing. imperson offers proprietary conversational AI technology, state-of-the-art bot development solutions and a full-service studio already trusted by leading brands including Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, National Geographic, Universal, Moet Hennessy, Jack in the Box, Hyundai and more.

Seth has led the development of numerous conversational chatbots, enabling brands to leverage one-on-one conversations at scale to grow their business and strengthen customer engagement and loyalty. He grew up in New York City and worked on Wall Street during the computer revolution, where he regularly scoured reports for new inventions and trends. After decades of success with his own business, Seth left the financial industry to lead imperson and continue his passion for discovery.

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