Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 1:40 pm–2:25 pm

Why the Design Process Should Be Your #1 Priority in Enterprise Chatbot Creation

You staff up on developers, architects, QA, project managers, but one of the most important roles of the enterprise chatbot creation is your conversation designer.  Not the UX side, though this is also important, but someone that knows your customers and understands not just what they ask, but how they ask it, and sometimes knows what they want even without the customer not asking anything at all.  Our job is to make interacting with whatever technology customers want to interact with seamless and effortless. A bad design = a bad chatbot.

In this session we’ll explore the end-to-end process of designing for the enterprise chatbot, both digital and voice, considering things around identifying APIs, conversation maps, persona development, working with development and data sciences, and optimization and log analysis.  We’ll also discuss things like determining what intents to start with, designing for predictive learning and agent blending & collaboration, how to continue a conversation, designing for social intents, and why designing for FAQs may not be so simple. Last, we’ll talk about how technology can help further your chatbot’s intelligence but also make it dumber.

Takeaways include:

  • What skills a conversation designer needs to bring to the table
  • The gotchas that our team has seen firsthand so you can avoid them in the future
  • Thought process around omnichannel, the difficulties, and why you need to think about it all the time
  • Best practices around conversational design
Celene Osiecka
Celene Osiecka
Director, Cognitive Technology & Innovation Center
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