Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 9:40 am–10:20 am

Creating Intelligent Assistants: How to Build Applications That Better Converse & Understand

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Advances in natural language processing (NLP) technology are increasingly breaking down barriers to reveal better human-machine connection, creating opportunities to develop nuanced and natural communication techniques that more accurately convey person-to-person dialogue and deliver better user experience.

These techniques power Eno, Capital One's first of its kind natural language intelligent assistant. Thanks to the technology behind Eno, it is always improving and becoming more intelligent over time. With Eno, regardless of channel, customers are able to get their questions answered digitally and quickly.

In this session, I'll discuss how convolutional neural networks and long short-term memory networks are enabling more sophisticated NLP systems and building the necessary components to lay the foundation for advanced dialogue, ultimately creating technology solutions that make people’s lives easier.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build applications that communicate naturally and conversationally
  • What type of training process goes into creating an intelligent assistant
  • What steps engineers take in that process
  • How rich language models allow for the best possible user experience
Margaret Mayer
Capital One
Margaret Mayer
Vice President, Software Engineering
Capital One
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