Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 2:45 pm–3:30 pm

A Strategic Analysis of the Conversational Ecosystem - From Hype to Viability

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After collaborating, interviewing, and working with some of the top subject matter experts in the chatbot/voice space, Chad Oda of Chat Mode has developed a thorough analysis of the current conversational ecosystem. Attendees will leave this keynote and the conference understanding:
  • Origins of conversational user interfaces (where did it come from)
  • Overview of the paradigm shift (what is occurring & where are we going)
  • Evaluation of the hype-cycle (how mature is the technology) 
  • Analysis of the current ecosystem limitations/opportunities (where is the opportunity)
  • Discuss important industry-wide announcements (what should we be paying attention to)
  • Review of use cases with the most upside in 2019 (what's working now)
  • Highlights of pertinent industry wins (who's winning now)
Chad Oda
Chat Mode
Chad Oda
Head of Consulting
Chat Mode
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