Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 1:55 pm–2:35 pm

Marketing Strategies to Use With Messenger Bots To Bring In More Customers and Sales

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The key to business is bringing in new leads and customers along with getting current customers to purchase more than once.  With the fact that there are over 1.7 BILLION monthly users of Messenger, it’s safe to say that many businesses’ customers can be reached there.

But what marketing strategies work best inside of Messenger with and without paid advertising to not only get engaged subscribers but also to increase new and former customers’ purchases and build brand awareness, all while saving the business time?

In this session, Mackensie dives in and shows you a number of different strategies that have been working really well with Messenger Marketing campaigns that can be implemented for many different industries and niches, including brick and mortar businesses, online coaches, ecommerce, and courses.

You will learn:

  • Why Messenger Bots should be utilized in any social media marketing campaigns
  • Messenger Bot basics and cool bot features that makes the user experience seamless and fun
  • An overview of Facebook’s rules around using bots on their Messenger platform
  • 20 different strategies and use cases that increase engagement and sales
Mackensie Liberman
Orca Marketology
Mackensie Liberman
Orca Marketology
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