Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 10:00 am–1:00 pm

Designing Great Conversations for the Smart Speaker Ecosystem

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The rapid adoption of smart speakers offers an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with customers. Conversational interactions allow you to strengthen customer relationships, provide support, and build engagement, but many brands lack the expertise to create positive experiences for smart speaker applications. Getting conversation wrong does more than disappoint customers, it breaks their trust and undermines brand integrity. Attend this session to learn how to design valuable, intuitive conversations that delight customers and extend the reach of your brand into the smart speaker ecosystem.

Who is this training for? This training is for brand managers, user experience specialists, new technology and innovation managers. Basic understanding of user-centric design principles is helpful, but no expertise required.


  • Discovering use cases for voice: Creating a great conversational application depends on finding the right use case. We will explore the factors that indicate that voice may be a good solution, limitations of voice as a medium, and methods for integrating conversation into a multichannel customer experience. Attendees will run a mini-discovery session to define a use case for conversation.
  • First steps in creating conversations: How do we move from use case to conversation? We will help you understand the methods used by design experts to move from concept to reality. Attendees will learn how to use semi-scripted role-playing to kickstart your designs.
  • Best practices for creating flows and scripts: Great conversations are flexible, adaptive, and let the customer take the lead. We will practice expanding sample conversations into full conversational designs.

Jenni McKienzie
Banter Technology
Jenni McKienzie
Principal, Conversation Design
Banter Technology
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